Class begin./ It’s time for class.

Let’s have / start the lesson.

Let’s begin our lesson.

2.起立 Stand up.

3.同学们好 Good morning./ afternoon, everyone/ everybody/ boys and girls.

4.请坐 Sit down, please.  Please be seated.

5.今天谁值日?Who is on duty today?

6.大家都来了吗?Is anyone absent?

7.出席多少人?How many students are present?

8.班级共有多少人?How many students are there in your class?


Who is not here?

Who isn’t at school today?

Who doesn’t come to school today?

10.你知道他为什么没来吗?What’s the matter with him? Do you know?

11.今天几月几日?What’s the date today?

12.今天星期几?What day is it today?

13.今天天气怎么样?What’s the weather like today? / How is the weather?

14.今天很冷是吧? It’s very cold, isn’t it? / It’s a cold day, isn’t it?

15.李雷,去看看是谁?Go and see, Li Lei.

16.请进 Come in, please.


Go to your seat, please. But don’t be late next time.

Go and sit down. Come earlier next time.

18.坐好了,请脱帽 Sit straight, please. Take off your cap, please.


What did you do last Sunday? Can you tell us?

Would you please tell us what you did last Sunday?

20.那么,你能给我们讲一个故事吗?Well, could you tell us a story?



21.谁愿意到这儿来给大家讲一个故事?Who’d like to tell us a story here?

22.到谁的了?Whose turn ( is it )?


Xiao Zhang, it’s your turn. Come here and tell us a story.


Listen to him carefully, then ask and answer about the story.


Make a dialogue in pairs about any topics you like.

26.好了,该学第八课了.Well, it’s time to learn Lesson 8.

Well, let’s learn the 8th lesson.


Today in this class we’ll learn a new lesson, Lesson 8.


Before the new lesson Let’s revise the new words and phrases in Lesson 7.


Take out your exercise books. Let’s have a dictation.


I ask two students to write on the blackboard.

31.谁愿来写?Any volunteers?

Who would like to do it here?

Who would like to come here and write on the blackboard?

32.准备好了吗?开始! Are you ready? (Let’s ) Begin.


So much for the dictation. Please hand them in.


Now look at the pictures, then ask and answer in pairs.


Talk about the picture. You can say more or less.

Say something about the picture more or less.

36.表演第七课的对话.Act out the dialogue in Lesson 7.


Look at the wall charts and answer my/ the questions.

38.在图上你能看到什么?What can you see in the picture?

39.还有吗?还有什么吗?Anything else / more?    Any other things?




Look at Picture 1, and guess what ( has ) happened?


Who would like to answer this question?

Who can answer it?

3.会的举手!Hands up if you can.

Put up/ Raise your hands if you know the answer.

4.好,你来答.OK, you please.

5.下一个,你请来(答,做) Next / The next one, you please.

6.小李,你能回答这个问题吗?Can you (answer this one), Xiao Li?

7.小林,你呢?(你能回答吗?) What /How about you, Xiao Lin?

8.你来回答这个题好吗?Would you like to / please answer this one?


Just have a try. It doesn’t matter if you make any mistake.

10.是否正确?( Is he / that / it )Right or wrong?  Yes or no?

11.正确/ 错误 Right./ Yes./ Wrong. / No.

12.正确吗?( Is it / that / he) Right?

13.是的,正确.Yes, ( it / he) is right.

14.不,不正确.No, ( it / he) is wrong.

15.谁来再做一次?Who would like/ wants to do it again?

16.谁能用另一种方式来做?Who can do/ say it in a different other way?

17.谁有不同观点/ 看法? Who has a different idea/ opinion?

18.你是什么观点?/ 你的看法如何?What’s your opinion?

19.没听清,请你再说一遍.( I beg your ) pardon?

I didn’t hear clearly. Please say it again/ repeat it.

20.请大声点.( A little ) Louder, please.

21.稍慢点读.Read ( a bit ) slower.


Be quiet./ Keep silent. You’d better not talk in class.

23.管好自己的事/ 别管闲事.Mind your own business.

24.不要朝窗外看.Don’t look out of the window.


实用课堂教学用语 ()

25.下面学习生词.Now word study.

26.注意发音.Pay attention to your pronunciation.


Listen to me carefully and watch my actions, then guess the meaning of the word.

28.你们听明白/ 懂了吗? Are you clear?

Do you catch my idea?

29.这个词是什么意思?What’s the meaning of the word?

30.汉语意思是什么?The Chinese ( meaning).

Give the Chinese for it.


Well, let’s come to Part II, the dialogue.

Well, let’s come to the dialogue in Part II.


Now listen to the tape. Before listening, read through the questions on the blackboard.

33.听音时合上书.Close/ Shut your books while listening.

Books closed. / shut while listening to the tape.

Listen to the tape with your books closed/ shut.

Listen to the tape without your books.

34.回答黑板上的问题.Answer the questions on the blackboard.

35.我们来核对答案.Let’s check the answers.

36.一题,哪个正确?No. 1, which one is right?

37.下一个,哪个正确?Next, which is the right answer?


The last( one ) is the most difficult/ hardest. The right answer is C. Put up your hands if you choose right.

39.再听一遍,并跟着读.Listen to the tape again and read after it.

Now, once again/ more /over, read after it this time.

40.注意语调.Pay attention to your intonation.

41.好啦,就听到这.OK, stop here.

42.打开书,两人一组读对话.Open your books and read the dialogue in pairs.

43.口答练习册上的习题一. Do Exercise One in the workbook orally.

Now, workbook, Exercise 1, do it orally.

Answer the questions of Exercise 1 in your workbooks orally.


实用课堂教学用语 ()

1. 谁能帮他指出来?

Who can point it out?/ Who can correct the mistakes for him?

2. 注意,不要再犯同样的错误.Be careful./ Take care. Don’t make the same mistake again.

3. 好了,接着来.Well, let’s go on ( with it )

4. 接下去做习题.Let’s go on to do the exercises.

5. 看动作猜猜他们在干什么?Look at them/ their actions and guess what they are doing.

6. 下面进行书面作业?Now written work.

7. 用下列词语写一篇150字的短文,十分钟完成.

Write a 150-word passage with / using the following expressions in ten minutes.

8. 写一段对话尽可能使用列词语.Make a dialogue using the following expressions as much as you can/ possible.

9. 写完了吗?Have you finished it/ the writing? Finish up?


I ask 2 students to read out their dialogues.

11.下面学习课文.Now we study / learn the text.

12.你知道某人或某事吗?/ 你听说过吗?你能谈一谈他的情况?

Do you know sb./ sth? Have you heard of sb./ sth?


Today we’ll learn a passage/ an article about sb./sth.


First I tell you the main/ general idea about it.


OK. Now read the text quickly and find out the answer to this question.

100. 谁找到答案了?Who find/ know the answer?

101. 再细读一遍课文,然后回答练习册24页上的问题.

Read it in detail/ more carefully for the second time, then answer the answer questions on Page 24 of your workbooks.

102. 找出疑难点.Find out the difficulties and what you don’t understand.

103. 谁能帮他解答这个问题?

Who can help him with the question?

Who can help him out?

104. 你最好用英语说.

You’d better say it in English.

105. 如果你用英语说有困难,可以用汉语.

You may say it in Chinese if you have difficulty in speaking English / can’t speak it in English.

106. 好,我告诉你们这两个句子的区别.

OK. I tell you the differences between the two sentences.

107. 这两个词有什么不同? What’s the difference between the two words?

108. 请举例说明. ( Give us ) An example, please.

109. 这个词可以这样用. We can use it (in) this way / like this.



110. 例如 For example/ instance.

111. 现在你能区分AB吗?Can you tell A from B now?

112. 分组讨论 OK. Now let’s discuss the groups.

113. 我提一个问题供大家讨论.I give you a question for discussion.

114. 你认为这篇文章怎么样?

What do you think of the article?

How do you like the article?

How do you find the article?

115. 你从课文中学到了什么? What have you learned from the text?

116. 别着急,慢慢来。  Don’t worry. Take it easy!

117. 别紧张,慢点说。 Don’t be nervous. No hurry/ take your time.

118. 看图复述课文.Look at the pictures and retell the text.

119. 看黑板上的关键词,复述课文.

Look at the key words on the blackboard and retell the text.

120. 谁愿试一试? Who wants a try/go?

Who want to try/ have a go?

Who would like to have a try?

Volunteer, any volunteers?

121. 还能说吗?/还有吗? Any more (about it)?

122. 谁能补充? Who can say more about it?

Who has anything to add?

123. 我们来唱首歌,轻松一下.Let’s sing a song to relax our minds.

124. 我们来做一个游戏,轻松轻松.Let’s play a game to relax for a moment.

125. 回过头来做练习,请看幻灯片.

Come back to the exercises. Please watch the slide show.

126. 看投影练习. Look at the projection exercises.

127. 第一题,填写所缺单词.No. 1/ Exercise One. Fill in the missing words.

128. 第二题,用适当词填空.

No. 2/ Exercise 2. Fill in the blanks with proper words.

129. 用所给词的适当形式填空.

Fill in the blanks with the right form of the word given.

130. 完成单词并朗读. Complete the words and read them out.

131. 同义句转换,使两句意思相同.

Make the two sentences have the same meaning.

132. 改错,每题只有一处.

Correct the mistakes in the following sentences. Only one in each sentence.

133. 给每空选择正确答案.

Choose the correct / best answer for each blank.


实用课堂教学用语 ()

119. 按要求改写下列句子。 Rewrite the sentences according to the requiring.

120. 就划线部分提问。

Turn the following into questions according to the underlined part.

121. 把下列句子变成否定句。 Make the following into negative.

122. 把下列句子变成问句,并写在作业本上。

Turn the following into questions and write them in your exercise book.

123. 用动词的正确形式填空。 Fill in the blanks with the right verb forms.

124. 找出划给部分读音与其它不同的词。

Find the word with a different sound. (in each group)

Find the word which has a different sound from the others.

125. 重新安排句子顺序。Re-arrange the sentences/ Put the sentences in the right order.

126. 用适当的连词连接两个句子。

Join each pair of the sentences / the two sentences with proper conjunction.

127. 选出与划线部分的意思最接近的选项。

Choose the closest in meaning to the underlined part.

128. 找出划线部分的最佳汉语释译。

Find the best Chinese meaning of the underlined part.

129. 根据汉语完成句子。

Complete the sentences according to the Chinese( meaning)

130. 词和词组释译。 Match the words or phrases.

131. 连词成句。 Form sentences with the words given.

132. 根据答语写出问句。 Write questions according to the answers.

133. 写出下列缩写形式。 Write down the short forms of the following.

134. 写出动词的过去式和过去分词形式。

Give the past and past participle forms of the verbs.

135. 给划线词选正确音标。 Choose the right sound of the underlined word.

136. 给词标重音。 Mark the word stress.

137. 仿照例句做下列各题。 Do the following after model.

138. 把下列句子变成复数形式。 Put the following into plural form.

139. 用过去进行时完成句子。

Complete the sentences with the past continuous tense.

140. 根据短文编写对话。 Make a dialogue according to the passage.

141. 用自己的话缩写短文。 Shorten the text in your own words.

142. 看图,用所给的词写一个200字以内的故事。

Look at the pictures and the words given, write a story no more than 200 words.

143. 完成对话。 Complete the dialogue.

144. 写出下列词的复数形式。 Give the plural forms of the words.


实用课堂教学用语 ()

145. 下面自己读课文,有问题可以问。

Now read the text yourselves. If you have any questions, you can ask me.

146. 你们最好默读课文。 You’d better read (the text) silently.

147. 默读有利于更好地理解。 Reading silently can help you understand better.

148. 我们进行测试。 Let’s have a test.

149. 帮我发卷。 Help me hand out the paper.

150. 把卷子往下传。 Hand on the paper.

151. 十分钟答完。 You must finish it in ten minutes.

152. 好了,时间到了,请交卷。OK/Well, time is up. Hand in your papers, please.

153. 布置家庭作业。  Now homework.

154. 完成练习册上的练习。 Finish off the workbook exercises.

155. 完成课堂上未做的题。 Finish the exercise undone in class.

156. 复习要点八。 Revise Checkpoint 8.

157. 写第九课生词与短语。  Write out the words and phrases in Lesson 9.

158. 读第二部分对话,编一段相似的对话。

Read the dialogue in Part 2 and make a similar one.

159. 给朋友写封短信。 Write a short letter to your friend.

160. 复习这单元的词汇和语言结构,灵活运用。

Revise the new vocabulary and structures in this unit, then make good full use of them.

161. 记住103页总结的内容。 Learn the contents of the summary on Page 103.

162. 把答案写在一张纸上。

Write down the answers to the questions on a piece of paper.

163. 练习whenif引导的从句。 Practise “when” and “if” clauses.

164. 用下列句型造句。 Make sentences with the following sentence patterns.

165. 默写生词。  Write the new words from memory.

166. 抄写课文最后一部分。  Copy the last part of the text.

167. 背诵课文第一自然段。  Recite the first paragraph of the text.

168. 预习形容词,副词的比较级和最高级。

Prepare the comparative and superlative degree of adj. and adv.

169. 80页上的短文,在词典中查找生词,并简要复述这个故事。

Read the short passage on Page 80 and look up the new words in your dictionaries. Retell the story briefly.


实用课堂教学用语 ()

119.回头/一会见。 See you (soon/ later)

120.暑假到了。  The summer holiday/ vacation comes.

121.祝你们假期愉快! Wish you a good holiday!

Have a good/ nice/ wonderful time in / during the holiday!

122.祝你们好运!  Wish you good luck!  Good luck to you!

123. 祝你们旅途愉快! Good trip to you! Have a good trip!

124.别忘了完成假期作业。Remember to finish your vacation work.


You must keep a diary and read aloud in the morning.

126.记住,安全第一。 Remember safety first.

127.咱们常联系。    Keep in touch with me.


If you come across puzzling questions, you can write them in your letters.

129.欢迎假期到我家来玩。Welcome you to my home during the holiday.

130.好,下学期见。  OK. See you next term .

131.欢迎你们返校。   Welcome you back to school.

132.很高兴又见到你们。Glad/ Nice to meet you again.

133.时间过得真快呀!  How time flies!/ How fast time goes by!

134.一个月很快过去了。  A month passed quickly.

135.你们假期进得好吗?  Did you have a good time in the holiday?

136.假期你们都到哪去了?  Where have you been?

Where did you go for the holiday?

137.都看到什么了?    What have you seen there?

138.你的暑假是怎样度过的?  How did you spend your holiday?


Will/ Would you say something about your holiday?

140. 给我们讲一讲你遇见的最有趣的事。

Tell us the most interesting things you have seen/ met.

141.你参加了哪些有益/ 意义的活动?

What rewarding/ instructive activities did you attend / take part in?

142.假期有哪些收获? What have you learnt in the holiday?

What reward have you gained/ got in the vacation?


New term begins, you should have a new start.

144.你们应该收回心来学习。You should get your minds back to study.

145. 一寸光阴一寸金。 Time is money.


You must study hard and make progress every day.


You should learn from each other and help each other.

148. 你应该下决心迎头赶上。

You should decide/ make up your mind to catch up with others.


实用课堂教学用语 ()

119.肯付出就会有进步。  Great efforts will be rewarded by great progress.

120.没有耕耘,就没有收获。  No pains, no gains.

121.如果你愿意,我会尽力帮助你。 I’ll try/ do my best to help you if you like.

122.把你的想法说出来。  Speak out your mind.

123.我愿做你真正的朋友。  I’d like to be a true friend of yours.


I hope from my heart that I would be your true friend.

125.你有信心吗?   Do you have confidence?  Are you full of confidence?

126.我相信你的话,更信任你们。   I believe you, and I believe in you.


I’m sure you’ll make a great progress in a month.


I’ll be proud of you such good students.

129.保持冷静,不要激动。  Keep cold. Don’t get excited.

130.不要交头接耳。   Don’t whisper to each other.

131.不要随地扔废纸。  Don’t drop / throw the waste paper everywhere.

132.把纸扔进废纸箱里。 Put it into the waste paper box.

133.要保持教室清洁。  Keep the classroom clean and tidy.

134.班长,一会儿抬点水。 Monitor, carry some water later.

135.放学后,洒水扫地。 Sprinkle water and sweep the floor after school.

136.每节下课后擦黑板。 Clean the classroom after each class.

137.随手带门。  Please the close/ shut the door after you.

138.走时关掉灯。 Turn off the lights as you go out.


Li lei, pass me the ruler and help me with the wall charts.

140.顺便问一下,你的表几点了?  By the way, what time is it by your watch?


Does your watch keep good time?

My watch loses a minute a day.


Oh! I have a piece of good news to tell you.


Here is a very good book. It is be a great help to you.

144.它会对你们很有帮助。   It will be a great help to you.

It is very helpful to you.


Li Hua, take the exercise books to my office after class.

242. 你那样做是什么意思?  What do you mean by that?

243. 请解释一下。   Please explain it to me.

244. 你不应该那样做。 You shouldn’t have done that.

245. 做事要三思而后行。 Think it over before you act.


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